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Gas motor scooters are the most affordable transportation for college students and people living in small villages and congested cities or for people that just want to "have fun getting there!". Versatile Verucci gas mopeds are easy to park, great on gas mileage, less to insure and have great features at very competitive prices. Motor Scooters and Mopeds are becoming the new rage. And with the costs of everything rising, gas Motor Scooters and gas Mopeds make a savvy, economical choice. People buy Motor Scooters or buy Mopeds because they are fun, stylish comfortable and easy to ride. People of all ages are making Motor Scooters their choice for commuting or just running to the store. ScootsUSA sells the best motor scooters and the best mopeds for the money. You cannot beat the value and quality of our motor scooters and mopeds.

ScootsUSA's business office is located in Northern Virginia. Retail locations in Clearwater and Miami Florida Our warehouses are located in Baltimore,MD, Clearwater, FL, and Miami, FL. We ship Motor Scooters, Mopeds, ATVs, Dirt Bikes and GoKarts from those locations direct to you.

We also offer a full line of Motor Scooter and Moped accessories, ATVs, Dirt Bikes, and Go-Karts. We also stock repair parts and upgrade accessories for the Motor Scooters and Mopeds we carry.

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About the MSF The Motorcycle Safety Foundation® is the internationally recognized developer of the comprehensive, research-based, Rider Education and Training System (MSF RETS). RETS curricula promotes lifelong-learning for motorcyclists and continuous professional development for certified RiderCoaches and other trainers. MSF also actively participates in government relations, safety research, public awareness campaigns and the provision of technical assistance to state training and licensing programs. http://www.msf-usa.org/

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Avispa 150cc

The all new Verucci Avispa 150cc Motor Scooter offers a sleek hip Italian look, but with contemporary technology and design.This is our biggest seller and thousands of our customers love this bike. The Verucci Avispa gas scooter's design will make people stare with envy. It has a big frame and all the extras. Smooth comfortable ride. This is worth looking at!

Getting Near That Time...Winterizing Your Scooter
By performing just a few simple tasks before extended storage, you can avoid some of the mechanical pitfalls of spring and have your bike running just as well as when you parked it.

Stabilize your fuel. This is very important! Stale fuel forms varnish and sludge deposits that clog injectors, fuel lines and carburetors. The preventative process is simple, but be sure to start with fresh fuel. Stabilizer will not improve the performance characteristics of fuel that has already started to degrade. Simply add a good quality stabilizer to your fuel and be sure to run it for about 10 minutes to make sure that has circulated through your fuel system. Then top up your tank to remove any air pocket where condensation can form.

Remove the battery and store it in a location where it will not freeze, preferably at temperatures not less than 60 degrees. Clean the battery and terminals, using a solution of baking soda and water, making sure that none of the solution enters the battery during cleaning. You should also use the same baking soda and water solution to clean the battery compartment to help neutralize any electrolyte that may have spilled or leaked from the battery. Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly. Use an automatic battery charger to keep the battery level maintained.

Take the spark plug out and spray WD40 into the cylinder. Turn the motor about 5 times to make sure the cylinder walls get coated with oil. Now screw the spark plug back in.

Change the engine oil. Used oil contains contaminants and acids which are much better out of your bike during extended storage.

Create a center stand high enough to get both wheels off the ground and stable enough to support the body of your motor scooter. This will aid in prevent a flat spot or cracked sidewall developing. Place some blocks of wood under the frame to keep both wheels off the ground.

Preserve your bike's appearance. Wash the bike thoroughly and then polish or wax all painted and chrome surfaces. Apply a protectrant or conditioner to all plastic, vinyl and leather components. Spray light penetrating oil on bare metal, black exhaust pipes and black painted engine surfaces. Then put a cover on your bike, for extra protection.

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All ScootsUSA Motor Scooters and Mopeds are D.O.T Approved and Street Legal*
All of our motor scooters and mopeds are priced below MSRP, some even below Wholesale! Our Low Overhead Model Allows us to sell $500 to $1,000+ LESS than our competition. This is because the Motor Scooter is sent directly to you, avoiding the marked up price of showroom expense and dealer prep, which is done by you. Check out the prices that include free shipping on our Motor Scooters and Mopeds.
www.ScootsUSA.com - for the very best motor scooters and the very best mopeds, at affordable prices!
*(DOT Approval and Street Legal terms do not apply to Off Road, ATVs, Go-Karts, or Dirt Bikes. Definition of "Street Legal" may vary. Check with your state")
At ScootsUSA we sell the best motor scooters and the best mopeds combining price and quality. ScootsUSA sells accessories and offer an inventory of Motor Scooters and Moped parts, entirely online. Whether you are looking for an off-road dirt bike, go-kart or motor scooter accessories we have all of this and more, including a full range of ATV's and dirt bikes. If you are looking for moped performance, parts or an affordable motor scooter then ScootsUSA can not only assist you with the purchase of new scooters, but we also provide you with an exclusive "Customer Only Area" where you would find full information on maintenance of your motor scooter. So whether you buy a Verucci Avispa, a Challenger motor scooter, Lance Charming 50cc, Lance GT-R 50cc, Lance Venice 150cc, Lance Vintage 150cc, Lance Interceptor 150cc, Lance GS-R 150cc, Lance Milan 150cc, Lance Duke Touring 150cc, Lance Duke Touring 250cc or the off-road Mojo Pro 50, 80 , 150 / R.A.T (Radical All Terrain) or X-One at ScootsUSA we are your number one motor scooters store in the USA. If you are in need of an alarm system/keyless remote, new battery, halogen head light bulbs for your scooter, carburetor or drive belt, fan or fuel pump (+ performance parts) everything is at ScootsUSA - for the very best motor scooters and the very best mopeds, at affordable prices.

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